Farmers are sowers of hope. 
    Cacao Pods!

    Proudly grown and harvested from our farms in Davao City,Phlippines!

    Dried Cacao Beans Ready for Roasting!

    Precision-controlled roasting makes sure the beans are heated to the correct temperature, preserving their aroma.

    Malagos Premium Unsweetened Chocolate

    Authentic artisan chocolate that's proudly Filipino!

    Understated Elegance

    Longiflorum variety 'White Heaven' Liliums

    Euanthe Sanderiana

    a.k.a. Vanda Sanderiana or Waling-Waling, grows on tall diptherocarps but is never known to be a parasite. It lives on treetops reaching for the light of the sun symbolizing high aspirations of the Filipino. Starter set now available!

Charita P. Puentespina 
Founder of the Puentespina Orchids & Tropical Plants, Inc. 

Honored as one of the Filipina Entrepreneurs of 2013.  
Featured in the 50 Inspiring Stories of Agri-Entrepreneurs. 

"Charita Puentespina is credited for saving the Waling-waling (a.k.a Vanda Sanderiana / Euanthe Sanderiana) from extinction.  Now, she wants to revive the dying cacao export sector..."

Read her story  here.

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