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Malagos Farm

Malagos Farm is one of the production farms of Puentespina Orchids and Tropical Plants Inc. in Davao City, Philippines.

The company divides its activities into four production areas. Puentespina Orchid Gardens, located in Davao City, is where the garden center, offices, and the laboratory are located. It is also here that Waling’s famous seedlings and plantlets are hardened, the bulk of which are nursed to maturity at the next production area, Malagos Farm.

Malagos Farm is a sprawling, eight-hectare property in the Baguio District of Davao City. At an elevation of 375 meters above sea level, it is the ideal location for growing the most breathtaking Vandas , Dendrobiums , Mokaras, Oncidium Grower Ramsey, and Phalaenopsis, as well as exotic landscape plants. It produces approximately 20,000 dozen sprays of Oncidium Grower Ramsey and 60,000 dozen inflorescences of Dendrobiums. Adjacent to the farm is the family’s famous Malagos Garden Resort (, which serves as a hotel, park, function area, and public stage where the family can share its love and knowledge of indigenous Philippine flora, and, occasionally, even the country’s rich avian life.

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