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Or "Pitcher Plants" with leaves that are tubular pitcher-shaped.  According to Peter D' Amato, author of The Savage Garden - "Sarracenia are one of the most simplest carnivorous plants to grow, and certainly among the most fun and rewarding."   More information is provided in the book "The Savage Garden" available at Amazon.


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Here are some basic tips:

1. Watering - *Tray method / system  to keep the soil permanently wet with frequent overhead watering. Always use cool water.
2. Light - Shaded. Good candidate for east-facing or sometimes sunless north windowsills.
3. Feeding - accepts small insects or occasionally apply bits of dried insects to their leaves.
4. Fertilizers - A light foliar feeding once or twice a month.  Use epiphytic fertilizer. 

*Put pot in a tray with enough water (preferably rain or distilled) to wet just the bottom part of the pot.

Source (and for more info) :  "The Savage Garden" book written by Peter D'Amato, available at Amazon. Questions?  Contact us

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