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Malagos Chocolate is single-origin made from ethically grown and processed beans that have been carefully graded, fermented, and solar-dried on our farms in Davao. Our Grade A cacao beans are from Trinitario - a hybrid of Forastero & Criollo.  More information on


Malagos 100% Pure Unsweetened Chocolate  
Chocolate in its purest form. Great for chocolate-based drinks, baked goods, pastries,  & confections.  
*Academy of Chocolate 2017 SILVER winner (June)
Great Taste 2016 2-STAR winner (August)
Academy of Chocolate Awards 2016 SILVER winner (April)
Academy of Chocolate Awards 2015 BRONZE winner (April)
 Competitions (Drinking Chocolate category) were held in London, UK.  
 Malagos  65%  Dark Chocolate
Our eating chocolate that is also an excellent couverture for chocolate-based drinks, baked goods, pastries, & confections.  
International Chocolate Awards 2015 SILVER winner at the World Drinking Chocolate Competition in Hannover, Germany in October.   
Malagos Roasted Cacao Nibs
Heart of the cacao bean that's loaded with antioxidants and minerals. Gives your treats that healthy kick.
Pure & all natural. No gluten, no dairy, no nuts, no preservatives, no artificial coloring, & non-GMO.


*Breaking news! Cacao farmers from Davao, Philippines win again! This recognition honors all the hardworking farmers in the country. Mabuhay ang magsasakang Pilipino !

“I attribute the win to the hard work and dedication the farmers put in the preparation of the cocoa bean before it even becomes chocolate,” said Rex Puentespina, Chocolate Maker at Malagos Agri-Ventures Corp.

Malagos Unsweetened Chocolate wins another SILVER at the 2017 Academy of Chocolate competition held in London, UK earlier this year!

This makes it our 5th international award. Last year, Malagos Unsweetened Chocolate (Drinking Chocolate category) won SILVER and 2 STARS (out of 3 stars) at the Academy of Chocolate and Great Taste Awards in London, UK, respectively. In October 2015, Malagos 65% Dark Chocolate was given the SILVER in the World Drinking Chocolate Competition organized by the International Chocolate Awards in Hannover, Germany. In April of that same year, Malagos Unsweetened Chocolate also won the BRONZE Award for Best Unflavoured Drinking Chocolate at the 2015 Academy of Chocolate Awards in London, UK.

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