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Premium baking packšŸ‘©ā€šŸ³100% Pure Unsweetened Chocolate

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Awarded the 9th time at the 2019 Academy of Chocolate inĀ London, UK. This recognition honors all the hardworking farmers in the country.

Now in Easy-Melt size! Pure and all natural. This isĀ 100% pure chocolateĀ that's proudly Filipino. Ā This is unsweetened chocolate in its purest form from cacao beans grown and processed on our farms in Davao City, Philippines. Read moreĀ here.

Store in a clean, dry, slightly cool, and odorless place like a pantry cabinetĀ  (18Ā° to maximum 22Ā°C).Ā  Keep them away from heat and light.Ā  Do not store in the fridge / refrigerator / chiller as sudden change in temperature will change the appearance of the chocolate (i.e., whitish coating). This phenomenon is called 'bloom' ā€“ā€“ cocoa butterĀ rises to the surface of the chocolate. Chocolates that have 'bloomed' are still edible.


This is the 9th award received by Malagos 100% Pure Unsweetened Chocolate.Ā 

2019 Academy of Chocolate Awards BRONZE
2018 Great TasteĀ  2-STARĀ 
2018 Great TasteĀ  1-STAR*Ā 
2018 Academy of ChocolateĀ  BRONZE
2017 Great TasteĀ  1-STARĀ 
2017 Academy of Chocolate AwardsĀ  SILVERĀ 
2016 Great TasteĀ  2-STARĀ 
2016 Academy of Chocolate AwardsĀ  SILVERĀ 
2015 Academy of Chocolate AwardsĀ  BRONZEĀ 

Drinking Chocolate Category Ā  Ā  *Bar Category


Dried fermented beans.


Chocolate-based drinks, champorado, baked goods,Ā pastries, and confections.Ā ClickĀ hereĀ for recipes.

For a quick comforting cocoa drink, pour 3/4 cup (180 ml) fresh milk into a heavy saucepan. Ā Place pan over low heat and add 2 to 4 pieces of Malagos Premium Unsweetened Chocolate. Ā Whisk to dissolve. Ā Add some brown sugar and stir until foamy. Ā Put hot chocolate into a cup. Serve immediately.Ā 



1000 grams or 1 kg & 2000 grams or 2 kg
Aluminum PET foil


750 grams & 1600 grams or 1.6 kgĀ 
Aluminum PET foil.Ā 


We deliver to any destination in the Philippines viaĀ RAF Int'l Forwarding. Ā 

We have two (2) options:

Door-to-door delivery (except Sundays and holidays)
Processing and delivery upon receipt of payment:
- Metro Manila and Davao: 2-3 working days.
-Outside Metro Manila and Davao: Contact us.

In-store pickup schedule (except Sundays and holidays)
- Paid orders before 12noon - Same day between 2pm-5pm.
- Paid orders after 12noon - Next working day between 10am-5pm.
- Contact persons: Marlon / Gina 09175612194 or Mylene 09175612192, 02 89299310
- Satellite office address: Cedar Hills Garden Center #57 Mother Ignacia St. Brgy. Paligsahan Quezon City 1108

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