Halloween Special

Fresh, authentic Philippine-grown pumpkins for carving, and all-around decoration for the Halloween season! Create gorgeous centerpieces with our decorative gourds. Our regular pumpkins are perfect for carving. Want to add something EXTRA SPECIAL to your Halloween decorations or arrangements? Our BIG pumpkins are the answer!

The decorative gourds or miniature pumpkins sell for Php120.00 per kilo.  Available for online purchase!  Last up to 2-3 months!  For decorative purpose only. Not to be eaten. 

However, online purchase is NOT applicable for the regular and giant sizes pumpkins. So sorry folks :-(  If you want to buy them, please visit our stores.  Prices are as follows: regular pumpkins - Php120/per kilo; big pumpkins - Php 80/per kilo. Questions? Contact us 

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