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Puentespina Orchids & Tropical Plants, Inc. (POTPI) started as hobby in orchid growing by its founder Charita P. Puentespina in 1977. It grew to become a main business concern, and in 1988 it was incorporated to become what it is now. It has become among the biggest producers of cut flowers in the country today. It supplies its products to major cities nationwide. It has four main production operations: Cut flower production, Cut foliage production, Orchids & Pot plant production and Ornamental & Landscape plants production.

Our head office is in Davao City, approximately 1,140 km south of Manila. We operate four (4) production areas. The first is a nursery, located at the city proper. The three other areas are situated near the outskirts in Davao City, at Baguio District located near the foothills of Mt. Talomo.

Production Farms (see more photos here)












Our production farms cover an area of approximately 18 hectares. Malagos Farm is situated at 330 meter elevation. It is devoted to orchids and ornamental plant production. The greenhouses are roof covered with shade nets. Except for the nursery and the flowering house that are plastic roof covered.

The 2nd farm is at 750 meter elevation. It is for Chrysanthemum and Gerbera cut flower productions that are grown under plastic roof covered greenhouses. The 3rd farm is at 1,100 meter elevation where we grow the oriental Lilies and Lisianthus cut flowers. 


Cut Flower
We produce spray Chrysanthemum, Oriental Lilies, Lisianthus, Gerbera, Orchids: Dendrobiums and Oncidium Gower Ramsey as our major crops. Our cut flower are known by our brand name “Waling Flowers from Davao.”

Cut Foliage
We produce wholesale quantities of 10 types of cut foliage, such as Eucalyptus Cineria, Papyrus, Asparagus Virgatus, Philodendron Hope and Xanadu, Miscanthus, Asclepcias physocarpa, Solanum Mamosum, Murraya paniculata.

Orchids: Hybrids and Philippine Orchid Species
Orchid hybrids are our year round pot plant products. They are the Dendrobiums, Vandas, Teretes and Mokara types. Most of the planting materials come from our own Tissue Culture Laboratory.

Through the years we have accumulated a number of Philippine orchid species. These are all propagated in the nursery and are therefore NOT collected from the wild. We have a number of species in different growing stages on stock. Check out our availability list.

Other Pot Plants
Since we diversified to tropical plants in early 90s, the potted plants have become one of our more popular products. This also started our organic fertilizer project which is a vital link to our potted plants.

The product line includes Poinsettias, Spatiphyllum, Philodendrons, Draceanas, Ferns and some Herbs. They are in production depending on the season.

Laboratory Products

Mrs. Puentespina has been dabbling in micro propagation since the late 70`s. fired up by the desire to remove the Walingwaling from the endangered species list; she enrolled in the embryo culture summer program of the UP Los Baños. While with the program, she got the support of the then Department Head Dr. Helen Valmayor. She recommended her staff to help Mrs. Puentespina put up her laboratory in Davao. By the early 80s, her first batch of seedlings were on sale. Soon her lab diversified to tissue culture to aid her growing hybridization program. To date, the Puentespina Orchids & Tropical Plants, Inc. does not only clone orchids, it also clones ornamentals, ferns and bananas. It has also produces mutation induced ornamentals and virus indexed orchids.

Ornamental/Landscaping Plants

To keep abreast with the dynamic horticulture industry, we ventured into another line. This time we are offering our expertise in support of landscape architects and designers. We grow assorted Palms and flowering trees, as well as a variety of ornamental plants for landscape purposes.

Mixed Gourds/Pumpkins

Availability by September of every year.

Giant pumpkins proudly grown from our farms in Davao City, Philippines.  Authentic Halloween decor available at our stores.

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