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Delicious new treats! Malagos Dragée Collection

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We are still over the moon with our latest wins for ‘Filled Chocolate’ at the annual intl competition for chocolates.  London-based Academy of Chocolate awarded our 'Almonds' and 'Roasted Cocoa Nibs w/ Sea Salt a BRONZE and a COMMENDATION, respectively.

Our couverture chocolate-covered treats in beautiful red cans.  Great gifts for special occasions!

Available in three (3) variants:

(1)  Almonds
(2)  Coffee Beans
(3)  New!  Roasted Cocoa Nibs with Sea Salt

Best to buy 4-8 cans to save on shipping fees!

You may also pick up your order in our store in Davao City or Quezon City. Contact us if you opt for this type of arrangement.


Malagos single-origin couverture chocolate 
Coffee beans 
Roasted cocoa nibs with sea salt 

Produced in a facility where nuts and dairy are handled.

180 grams / can


Beautiful design printed directly on the red can.  Perfect for gifting!

180 grams / can


We deliver to any destination in the Philippines via RAF Int'l Forwarding.  Please allow 5-7 working days for processing and delivery.

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