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Dendrobium Hybrid Flowering Set

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New!  Dendrobium Bigibbum Compactum (miniature type) in Flowering Size (no flowers yet).  One set contains nine (9) pcs. plants.   

The set includes:

1.) Three (3) pcs. ** Den. Karen (approx. height  4-6 inches / 10-15 cms)
2.) Three (3) pcs. Den. Sakurahime (approx. height  4-6 inches / 10-15 cms)
3.) Three (3) pcs. Den. Emma Pink Surprise (approx. height  4-6 inches / 10-15 cms)

**Flowering size featured on the cover picture.  Note that plant height varies depending on the variety.   

They bloom four (4) times a year with proper care. Individual plastic pots and hanging wires are included. Great addition to your collection!  Start your orchid collection now!


We deliver to any destination in the Philippines via RAF Int'l Forwarding. Kindly allow 5-7 working days for delivery. Foreign destinations? Questions? Contact us.


1.)  Unpack the plants immediately upon arrival.
2.)  Hang the plants outdoor in a well-lighted area but not under direct sunlight.
3.)  Water the plants the next day and every 2 days thereafter.  In case of rain, no need to water the plants anymore.   Note that in most cases, orchids die due to overwatering. 

Questions? Contact us.

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