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Drosera Aliceae

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Also known as "Alice Sundew." "Sundews are innocent-looking and pretty, their delicate leaves sparkling with the promise of sweet nectar, but the foolish insect curious enough to give Alice the slightest touch will suddenly find itself stuck and caught in a living nightmare...." - Peter D' Amato, author of the  "Savage Garden."  As they say, looks are certainly deceiving.  Intrigued? Add to cart now!


We deliver to any destination in the Philippines via RAF Int'l Forwarding. Kindly allow 5-7 working days for processing and delivery. Questions? Contact us


Here are some basic tips:
1. Watering - *Tray method to keep the soil damp to wet year round. 
2. Light - Full to part sun. If kept indoor, need to be close to a window as possible. A windowsill or tabletop right next to a glass is the brightest place in a room.  
3. Feeding - Readily accepts gnats, fruit flies, or small ants.  Larger sundews will feed on houseflies, spiders, moths, etc..  Dried insects and pinhead-sized bits of hard-boiled egg, cheese, chocolate and powdered milk are also accepted.,
4. Fertilizers - Not necessary if plants catch many insects.
*Put pot in a tray with enough water (preferably rain or distilled) to wet just the bottom part of the pot.

Source :  "The Savage Garden" book by Peter D'Amato, available at Amazon. Questions?  Contact us 
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