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Laurus Nobilis (True Bay Leaf)

Laurus Nobilis (True Bay Leaf)

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New!  Laurus Nobilis (true Bay Leaf) established seedlings in 4 x 6 inches black PE (polyethylene bag).  One set contains five (5) pcs plants.  Seedling height is 11-13 inches (30-35 cms).   

Great addition to your herb collection! Start your collection with this nutrient-rich herb now!


We deliver to any destination in the Philippines via RAF Int'l Forwarding. Kindly allow 5-7 working days for delivery. Foreign destinations? Questions? Contact us.


1.)  Unpack the plants immediately upon arrival.  Please expect some soil to spill during transport.  
2.) Put herbs in a shaded area to acclimatize for a week. Transfer them in a well-lighted area or under full sun after a week. You may also plant the herbs in the ground under direct sun. Note that these plants may grow up to 10 feet  (3 meters) in height. 
3.) Water the plants the next day and every 2 days thereafter.  In case of rain, no need to water the plants anymore.   Note that in most cases, herbs die due to overwatering. 

Questions? Contact us.

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