Malagos 100% Pure Unsweetened Chocolate

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Pure and all natural.  Authentic artisan 100% pure chocolate that's proudly Filipino! This is chocolate in its purest form from cacao beans grown and processed on our farms in Davao City, Philippines. Read more here

Wins another SILVER at the recently-concluded 2017 Academy of Chocolate Awards in London, UK. This recognition honors all the hardworking farmers in the country. Mabuhay ang magsasakang Pilipino  ! Read press release here.   This is the 4th award received by Malagos 100% Pure Unsweetened Chocolate. Last year, it won for the same category, SILVER and 2 STARS (out of 3 stars) at the Academy of Chocolate and Great Taste (Oscar’s of the food world) Awards in London, UK, respectively. Two years ago, it won its first award – Bronze for Best Unflavored Drinking Chocolate at the 2015  Academy of Chocolate Awards in London, UK.

100% pure cocoa liquor / mass.


Chocolate-based drinks, champorado, baked goods, pastries, and confections. Click here for recipes.

For a quick comforting cocoa drink, pour 3/4 cup (180 ml) fresh milk into a heavy saucepan.  Place pan over low heat and add 2 to 3 pieces (9 grams each) of Malagos Premium Unsweetened Chocolate.  Whisk to dissolve.  Add some brown sugar and stir until foamy.  Put hot chocolate into a cup. Serve immediately. 



153 grams &  500 grams
Resealable (ziplock) stand-up pouch

1000 grams or 1 kilo & 2000 grams or 2 kilos
Aluminum PET foil



750 grams & 1600 grams or 1.6 kilos
Aluminum PET foil. 


We deliver to any destination in the Philippines via RAF Int'l Forwarding.  Please allow 5-7 working days for processing and delivery.

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