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Also called  "Butterworts."  Pinguicula actually looks pretty for a carnivorous plant. Its succulent leaves arranged in a circular manner, like that of a rose flower.  But beware, each fleshy leaf is a death trap for insects.


We deliver to any destination in the Philippines via RAF Int'l Forwarding.  Kindly allow 5-7 working days for processing an delivery. Questions? Contact us


Here are some basic tips:
1. Watering - *Tray method / system  to keep the soil permanently wet with frequent overhead watering. 
2. Light - Full to part sun. If kept indoor, need to be close to a window as possible. A windowsill or tabletop right next to a glass is the brightest place in a room.  
3. Feeding - accepts small insects such as gnats, fruit flies, small ants or occasionally apply bits of dried insects to their leaves.
4. Fertilizers - occasional with very diluted acidic fertilizer. 
*Put pot in a tray with enough water (preferably rain or distilled) to wet just the bottom part of the pot.

Source:  "The Savage Garden" book written by Peter D'Amato, available at Amazon. Questions?  Contact us 
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